• Rolf Hut

      I am a scientist at Delft University of Technology. I solve my problems using a MacGyver attitude. I build measurement devices using scavanged parts from consumer-electronics. I connect existing online data sources to answer relevant scientific questions. I encourage my students to learn by discovering, building and doing.

      I am a restless jack of all trades that likes to organize  and run events. I am a public speaker on science and technology. I write a monthly column in the Dutch national newspaper "De Volkskrant". I host workshops for audiences ranging from festival-goers to primary school kids. My workshops show, hands-on, that technology is fun and that technology is for everyone, not only for beta-nerds. I am, most of all, endlessly curious. 

      On this website I post blogs and news related to my work. If I do not own my own work, I will provide a link to it. Science related blogs on this site are aimed at a general audience. For my scientific publications, please follow me on researchgate or look at my TU Delft page.

      If you want to book me for a lecture, public event or workshop, please email me at rolf@rolfhut.nl or contact me on twitter: @rolfhut

    • Recent blogs and news

      The hydrological community has an important choice to make. From September 28 to October 27 we get to choose a new president for the hydrology session of AGU. While the impact on society as a whole might not be as big as the election of that other president (register! Vote!), the impact on our [...]

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      July 5, 2020

      Using internet to connect Rube Goldberg machine across the country!  Because of the Corona outbreak we had to change our maker education course. The new assignment we gave our freshman students was: Build a physics demonstration that starts based on an online signal and finishes by passing the[...]

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