• Rolf Hut

      I am a scientist at Delft University of Technology. I solve my problems using a MacGyver attitude. I build measurement devices using scavanged parts from consumer-electronics. I connect existing online data sources to answer relevant scientific questions. I encourage my students to learn by discovering, building and doing.

      I am a restless jack of all trades that likes to organize  and run events. I am a public speaker on science and technology. I write a monthly column in the Dutch national newspaper "De Volkskrant". I host workshops for audiences ranging from festival-goers to primary school kids. My workshops show, hands-on, that technology is fun and that technology is for everyone, not only for beta-nerds. I am, most of all, endlessly curious. 

      On this website I post blogs and news related to my work. If I do not own my own work, I will provide a link to it. Science related blogs on this site are aimed at a general audience. For my scientific publications, please follow me on researchgate or look at my TU Delft page.

      If you want to book me for a lecture, public event or workshop, please email me at rolf@rolfhut.nl or contact me on twitter: @rolfhut

    • Recent blogs and news

      It’s like watching towels dry… For Science!

      “Do fast-drying-towels actually dry faster? Can you build us a measurement setup to test this?” I was delighted when the crew of TV show "Kassa" asked me that question: partially because I think it can clearly showcase how science works and partially because I was really looking forward to [...]

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      I was recently asked to peer-review a scientific paper that introduced a novel platform for scientist to use in their work. A very important work but I found the review tricky: it does not fit in the standard intro - methods - results - discussion - conclusion mold that we force academic papers [...]

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